Leon Siebel, Professional in Marketing and Product Innovation

About Leon Siebel

Following several years of schooling from Wesley College, Leon Siebel went on to study at the prestigious Catholic Jesuit Xavier College in Kew, an eastern suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Though he was accepted into a university to pursue a science degree, Leon Siebel decided to enter the workforce right away, starting in his father’s financial planning firm.

From there, Leon Siebel developed skills in the fields of marketing, finance, renewable energy, media and product development start up's. He was invited to become a member of the CEO Institute of Australia in 2014.

Siebel has turned his energy toward fundraising and has supported several charities including Hearts and Hands Australia, International Needs Australia, and St. Vincent de Paul. In his spare time, Leon enjoys fly fishing, body building, and especially mountain biking. He currently holds a number of new patents including a new type of mountain bike designed to navigate rapidly changing ground through an innovation in the geometry of the bike’s dual suspension.